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How Parents Can Help Their Kids Live In Hawaii

Many Oahu residents believe that their children have to live in the mainland to be able to own a home and meet their dreams.  It is a meme that frustrates me and I am working toward eliminating

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The Elephant in the Room - January Stats Comments

Keahi Pelayo talks about three relevant statistics in the January 2023 statistics.  The keys are the elephant in the room, inventory &.

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Run For The Hills!!! Don’t Help Family Member That “Needs” Help!

Many of my clients have the means to help family members that may “need” help.  A family member that hasn’t quite put it together financially that may or may be paying

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2023 Oahu Real Estate Predictions

Most people were ecstatic to close out 2022.  As we move into 2023, the last year’s legacy of lunacy continues to have people wondering what may happen in 2023.  Is it cratering? A

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